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Handicap Program

If any questions,contract the Handicap Director, Stephen Vezendy at

Welcome to the RHGC Handicap Program

Participation in the Handicap Program is completely voluntary. 
If you are not participating and would like to, you must contact the Handicap Director.  
If you are participating and would like to stop, also please contact the Handicap Director.

RHGC Handicap Program

The reason for the Club’s Handicap Program is to provide USGA certified handicaps which will in turn provide a level playing field for all participants in all club-sponsored events. These handicaps will also enable members to play in any USGA sanctioned event worldwide. RHGC uses the GHIN handicap system to provide handicaps for members.

The responsibilities of all members using this service provided by the Club are:

  1. If a member participates in the handicap system, he/she is expected and agrees to post all rounds as appropriate – including rounds played at RHGC and at any other RCGA-USGA rated course, with the exception of RGHC Tournament Rounds which are entered by the Handicap Committee.
  2. All players should abide by the Equitable Stroke Control (ESC) system set in place by the USGA, for maximum score per hole based on the individual’s handicap range. The responsibility of posting the correct score ultimately falls on the individual.  Your maximum number of strokes per hole is determined by your particular course handicap, as indicated in the chart below.  

Note: if you enter your scores hole-by-hole in the GHIN system, this ESC adjustment is done automatically by the system.








  1. Members who are not in the Handicap System – or do not have a USGA certified handicap from another source – will not be allowed to enter any tournaments, leagues, or other Club-sponsored events for which a certified handicap is required.
  2. Member’s Handicaps and Recent Scores are posted after each handicap revision on the 1st and 15th of each month for Peer Review.

Peer Review is essential in maintaining the integrity of the Handicap Program and is everyone’s responsibity. Effective January 1, 2016, Scores made while playing alone are no longer considered acceptable for handicap purposes. Peer Review is an essential element of the USGA Handicap System, and peer review isn't taking place when golfers play alone. Anyone accompanying a golfer during a round, including a caddie, positions a score for peer review and would be acceptable.  If a player is playing alone and posting a score, then the Handicap Committee is in a position under Section 8 of the Handicap System to adjust or withdrawal the player’s Handicap Index.

  1. A round of golf is a round of golf, whether a member personally chooses to designate it as just “playing for fun” or “practice” does not matter. Any round in which at least 13 holes are played should be posted as an 18-hole round for handicap purposes. Rounds of at least 7, but less than 13 holes played, should be posted as a 9-hole round. Un-played holes are entered as par plus any handicap strokes (i.e. net par).
  1. The Club’s Handicap System has the capability to record 9-hole scores as well as 18-hole scores.  The system will automatically combine 9 holes scores (and automatically queue a 9 hole score, so there is no need to enter 9 holes scores in pairs.)
  2. Match Play scores should be entered as well. For a conceded hole or putt, the “most likely” score should be posted. If you don’t play a full 18 holes in your match, enter par plus any handicap strokes (i.e. net par) for the remaining holes.
  3. If a member wants an unofficial “personal” handicap based on whatever scores he/she wants to selectively track, they should use one of the various Internet available services.

The Board of Directors and the Handicap Committee are totally committed to helping make your golfing experience at RHGC an enjoyable one. At the same time, we ask all members who use the handicap system to be cognizant of their individual responsibilities for using the system and for maintaining the integrity of their individual handicaps in accordance with the USGA Handicap Manual and the Club’s Handicap Program. Further information on the Club’s Handicap Policy go to , and on the USGA Handicap Manual go to

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