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Oilmans Team Registration

Welcome to the Oilman's !

Please register your team (Aramco and/or non-Aramco) for the Oilman's. If you register a partial team (ie less than 4 players), the tournament director will combine you with other players to complete your foursome.

**** Note ****

This tournament is open to non-Aramco players.Please add your networkids for Aramcon team members.

Please note, non-Aramco players will require security clearance to access the Aramco facility. This should be arranged by your playing partners if they are Aramco employees. If this is not possible, please arrange with the tournament director.

By submtting this form, you are agreeing to pay the per player fee, 500SR (Aramco), 750SR (non-Aramco).


(if Aramcon)

(if Aramcon)

(if Aramcon)

(if Aramcon)

You must enter a valid email address to complete this registration

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